This Strange Fruit Could Be the New Diabetes Superfood

This Strange Fruit Could Be the New Diabetes Superfood
This fruit regulates your blood sugar level


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Diabetes has become a major health concern affecting both the young and elderly.
Diabetes is a health condition in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the insulin hormone is impaired.
This leads to abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and increased sugar levels in the blood and urine. The main cause of diabetes is increased sugar levels in the blood.
Recent studies have shown that some dietary practices can act as a better cure for diabetes as opposed to some prescription medicines.
The diabetes “superfood” that has been discovered recently and has gained popularity worldwide is the jackfruit.
This fruit is a species of tree in the breadfruit, fig, and mulberry family.
Studies conducted have shown that jackfruit is able to regulate blood sugar levels.
Consumption of mature unripe jackfruit is known to reduce insulin dependency on patients for the following reasons…
Low Glycemic Index (GI)
The low GI in jackfruit could be due to the contributions from the dietary fiber, ungelatinized starch granules and the slowly available glucose from the granules in the jackfruit seeds.
High Insoluble Fiber
Another factor causing the hypoglycemic activity by the jackfruit in the body is contributed by its high insoluble fiber content.
When you consume a jackfruit, insignificantly low levels of sugar are absorbed into the body due to the high fiber content in the fruit.
This means that food passes very fast through the body and it lacks enough time to pass sugar in to the individuals system.
The insoluble fiber in the fruit means that a bulk of the meal passes through the body without being digested which is also considered a gut health benefit.
Contains Significantly Low Levels of Sugar
Unripe, raw jackfruit contains significantly low levels of sugar—approximately 20% compared to the ripe jackfruit pods.
This low sugar level helps regulate the concentration of glucose in an individual’s blood system upon consumption.
People suffering from diabetes are therefore advised to use the unripe raw fruits for quicker and more efficient results.
It is usually possible to eat large quantities of jackfruits as a meal and thus satiate the hungry diabetic patients.
Diabetic patients tend to feel hungry after eating low quantities on a diabetic diet and sometimes turn to unhealthy foods to satisfy their hunger.
These unhealthy foods may contain high levels of sugar thus increasing the concentration of glucose in their bodies.
However, diabetic patients who eat jackfruit meals tend to remain full and thus there is limited possibility of them turning to look for unhealthy meals to curb their hunger.
Additionally, jackfruit is gluten free and is thus suitable for diabetic patients who are allergic to gluten.
Traditionally, and even presently in some parts of the world, people relied on insulin injections as a means of regulating the glucose levels in the blood.
This however is not always an effective way since its effect is only for a temporary duration as opposed to the diabetes superfood which tends to have some close to permanent effects when consumed on regular basis.
The jackfruit superfood is cheaper and easily affordable compared to purchasing the insulin injections.
It’s also associated with some other health benefits such as preventing anaemia, strengthening the immune system, reducing the risk of heart diseases, and also aiding in the treatment of blood clotting problems.
Turn to this superfood and your doctor visits should be minimal.