How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise Or Diet Or Pills.

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How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise Or Diet Or
Here are 6 Easy Tips You Can Use Today.  Let’s get started!
#6 – Down a glass of cold water.
As soon as your alarm goes off, down 500 ml. of cold water.
You’ll boost your metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes as your
body spends extra energy to bring the cold water up to your core temperature.
Put it in the fridge before you go to bed so it’s ready when
you wake up and you’ll be burning fat until you get to work.
#5 – Take a cold shower.
As in the previous tip, showering in cold water jump starts
your metabolism in the morning as your body burns more calories
to maintain your core temperature. 
Your muscles will tense and possibly even shiver as your
body works to create heat. 
It’s like a mini workout without actually doing anything
extra, or ever breaking a sweat. 
It’s also a great way to get your neurons firing early in
the day and wake up your brain naturally, without caffeine.
#4 – Drink Green Tea.
Green Tea is rich in a fat burning compound called ECGC.
One study concluded that three to five cups a day could
reduce body weight by nearly 5%. 
Go with Matcha green tea powder over tea bags.
It can increase the body’s rate of burning calories by up to
Using powder also means your body absorbs all the
antioxidants instead of getting left in the leaves in the bags.
To really get the most out of it, down it two hours after
Research shows it can increase breakdown of fat by a third.
#3 – Eat Dinner Early.
To maximize weight loss, eat dinner early then fast for
around 14 hours until breakfast the next morning.
Studies suggest eating only when you’re most active and
giving your digestive system a long break, helps to regulate weight.
#2 – Prioritize Protein.
Prioritizing protein at meal time, like chicken or fish with
green vegetables, sautéed with red chili flakes instead pastas and starches,
build and maintain lean muscle.
Your body works harder to break down lean protein vs other
food sources, which actually raises your metabolism for up to three hours after
you eat and burns other calories accumulated during the day.
#1 – Go To Bed
Researchers found that women who reported sleep problems
were more likely to experience a major weight gain, of more than 11lbs.
Aim for 7-9 hours to help keep cortisol levels in check.
These stress hormones regulate your appetite, and if they
are out of sync, then you’ll never feel full.
Fatigue can also affect the body’s ability to metabolize
carbohydrates, which leads to high levels of blood sugar and the overproduction
of insulin.
This leads to the storage of body fat.
So, beauty sleep exists, just make sure you get it.
Follow these six tips and you will be burning fat and losing
weight fast without exercise or diet or pills.
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