6 Ways to Naturally Lower Your Blood Sugar

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6 Ways to Naturally Lower Your Blood Sugar
Try one method… or try them all
At times, blood sugar levels in our bodies rise above the normal levels for us humans.
Why does this happen?
This is mainly caused by our day to day lifestyle, in terms of food we eat and if we move around enough to burn the extra sugar in our bodies.
High blood sugar levels may lead to diabetes which causes our body not to function properly.
The following ways, if followed, will serve to reduce your blood sugar levels back to normal so you don’t get sick.
1. Exercise Regularly
Day to day exercise helps the body in using blood sugar more effectively to produce energy and muscle contraction.
This is because regular exercise helps to increase insulin sensitivity.
This exercise may include brisk walking, riding a bicycle, swimming, jogging or any activity that helps your body metabolize the blood sugar.
2. Drink Plenty of Water
Water is also essential because it helps to get rid of excess blood sugar through your urine.
Also, a well-hydrated body is able to control food intake and therefore, will maintain blood sugar levels even better.
Water that you consume rehydrates the blood and hence brings down the blood sugar levels in the body.
3. Get Plenty of Sleep
Sleep is also a factor in blood sugar.
Lack of enough sleep often leads to an increase in appetite… which leads to poor food choices and imbalanced blood sugar levels.
It also makes the body less efficient at using insulin.
4. Control Your Carb Intake
High blood sugar levels are mainly brought about by eating a lot of sugar.
Reducing the amount of foods we eat that contain carbohydrates will help a lot in reducing blood sugar levels.
Foods like soda, candy, processed foods, sauces, and fruit juices.
Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits aids a great deal in this.
This is because they are high in fiber and will therefore, slow down carbohydrate breakdown and maintain a steady blood sugar level.
5. Reduce Your Stress Levels
Studies have shown that when the body is under stress, it produces hormones that raise the blood sugar level greatly.
To avoid this, try relaxation techniques such as breathing in and out repeatedly, meditating, or even giving yoga a shot.
Some studies also show that relaxation techniques such as yoga and even exercise help to correct insulin production in some cases of chronic diabetes.
6. Eat More Protein
Protein is known as a blood stabilizer and will significantly lead to a drop in sugar absorption into the blood.
Instead of eating carbohydrates, eat protein which both satisfies the craving and puts a limit on the blood sugar level.
A diet plan that mainly consists of more protein than carbohydrates cuts down the sugar levels greatly.
Use the methods above to lower your blood sugar levels naturally, without taking dangerous prescription drugs.